A simple idle game. Turn the crank to generate more power to upgrade your robot.


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Interesting hybrid. I agree with Sibbo with the replicator; it gets tedious after a while.

So do I need to get all the upgrades to unlock the door in the end? If yes, the upgrades including many uses of the replicator are pretty dull to get, since you always need to wait before you can do the next action, and do that like 60 times... A small update on that could make this game a lot more enjoyable


my hand hurts

game has borked.

A really fun game.  I hope you update it and add more to it!


cool little game, similar to Crank and Crank 2, wish it was longer with more to upgrades, maybe for ur next game, take the robot put it on some abandoned space station and make the game longer with more upgrades or have it build a rocket or something :)