You know what they say about Cats and Curiosity...

Help the curious kitten navigate the rotating house and find the odd candles scattered around! Be careful though- it might not be alone. 

Click the  side buttons to rotate the house. The arrow keys or A and D  move cat left or right. 

Made by:

  • Olivia Zuern
  • Armond Rivera
  • Carlo Ocasio


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You can.... accidentally fall out of the house.... uhhhh...

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Whoah! Thats some quality! Please though. Make the cat fall faster. Idk if it's just me but that's quite frustrating. 

Great art and animation though! 

Amazing small experience you guys crafted!
Really thought there'd be a crazy jumpscare, but no. 
Cute cats it is... Nice!


Upon the witching hour, they say the mansion teems with beings from another world. Apparitions, if you will. I prefer to call them house spirits. Nobody has ever *seen* the spirits themselves, but there have been cold spots felt, movements seen, and strange mewling noises heard. If one were to spend a night in the dark within the halls of this archaic place, I am certain they will appear. Are they friendly, or are they malevolent? Nobody knows for certain, but I intend to find out for myself tonight. 

Loved it. The cat was adorable. 😺

Really Cute Game. Loved it. But YOOOOO!!!!